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Actor & Script Supervisor

Ella has worked as the lead writer and script supervisor with Clown Funeral theatre company for seven years, and is one of the two writers for their current touring show, A Pattern of Bad Behaviour.


Previous shows she has written for include Things We Chose to Save (2018) and The Murderer (2016), the latter based on a poem by Birmingham author Luke Kennard. She has had experience writing for amateur film projects, youth performances and poetry, and for the company’s radio play podcast Left Luggage.

As a Young Artist for The Mighty Creatives’ EMERGE project in 2017, Ella was the creative producer for a new arts festival in Walsall for young people called ‘Stories from the Trees’. In 2013 she was selected to take part in the Tree Carols project at the University of Warwick, composing a poem to be set to music by local composers under the mentorship of writer Martin Riley and composer Joe Cutler.

Ella is particularly interested in speculative fiction, ecoliterature and women’s writing projects.