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‘You’re a bad influence ‘And you’re a bit… you know… weird’

Two strangers stand in an office car park. They fight. Then they go for dinner.

A funny, twisted story about two people pushing each other. Literally.

The show looks at themes of violence, reckless behaviour and risk taking in a relationship between two people who push each other to make bad decisions. The script was written by a couple, who are both members of the company. They are in a far healthier place than this makes it sound.

A Pattern of Bad Behaviour is a comic thriller described as ‘Fight Club meets The Office’, exploring the boundaries of human behaviour when confined by boredom and contemporary life, and the fine line between quirks and pathological behaviour. Two unnamed characters meet in a car park after work and decide to have a fight; their relationship fluctuates wildly between escapist, necessary, and downright dangerous, pushing and challenging each other further. Their relationship illustrates the internal struggle in everyone between acting on impulse and seeking stability; between requiring order and enjoying chaos. A Pattern of Bad Behaviour is relevant to young adults today as it is inspired by a broad feeling of uncertainty, disconnect and being undervalued. The show examines what happens when we lash out against these feelings.

Upcoming Shows

Vault Festival - London, February 18th, 19th and 20th 
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Worcester University - Worcester, March 11th

Tickets to be released shortly

Pegasus Theatre - Oxford, June 5th

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